Martes, Marso 8, 2016

Women's Group ORIANG launched at Plaza Moriones in Tondo

Sanlakas, this International Women's Day, stands in solidarity with the women of the world, especially Fililipinas, in asserting their rights and freedoms towards a more socially just and progressive society.

ORIANG was formed today in a march by some 1,000 women in Plaza Moriones in Tondo, with the theme: “Kalayaan para sa Kababaihan! Pitong Laban ng Kababaihan”. Oriang is a grassroots movement led by women leaders of SANLAKAS, Partido Lakas ng Masa (PLM). Bukluran ng Manggagawang Pilipino (BMP), Kongreso ng Pagkakaisa ng Maralitang Lungsod (KPML), KALAYAAN, Metro Manila Vendors Alliance (MMVA), Koalisyon Pabahay sa Pilipinas (KPP), Makabayan-Pilipinas, and, Aniban ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura (AMA).

The name “Oriang” was derived from the nickname of Gregoria de Jesus, founder and vice-president of the women’s chapter of the Katipunan. Widow to Supremo Gat Andres Bonifacio and later wife to patriot Julio Nakpil, Ka Oryang went beyond the confines of domestic labor to devote her life to free the country from foreign oppressors.

The organizers said, “Ka Oryang symbolized the struggle of plebian women for a better and more egalitarian society, not just for their own families”.

At the march, ORIANG raised seven urgent women’s issues that need to be addressed in the coming elections. Among them: lack of employment and dignfied income; discrimination and unequal treatment in all spheres of society; non-recognition to the rights of women as part of basic human rights including reproductive rights; continuing incidences of rape, violence, and sexual harassment including from their husbands and other family members; the effects of environmental and ecological destruction and its effect on women and their families; the lack of social services for education, healthcare, housing, etc.; and the prevailing disregard to the vital role of women to social progress and social change. The issues form part of the SANLAKAS partylist 7-point pro-people platform.
#‎37Sanlakas‬ Partylist: T'yak Kakampi Ng Kababaihan Laban sa Diskriminasyon at Karahasan!

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